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Indonesia Securities Companies Association (APEI) was established by a number of directors of Securities Companies to support the national development and to maintain the sustainability of national economy for a developed and advanced Indonesia capital markets. APEI is the merged form of a number of associations - individuals and companies - in the Indonesia capital markets. The merger of the associations was completed after a number of meetings, especially the meeting on 4 November 1995 at Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta.

As a result of the meeting, on 4 November 1995, in the meeting room of the Capital Market Supervisory Agency (BAPEPAM), witnessed by the Chairman of BAPEPAM, a Memorandum of Agreement was signed among Indonesia Securities Companies Association, Indonesia Underwriters Association, and Indonesia Investment Managers Association to merge the associations into a body named Indonesia Securities Companies Association or ASPERINDO, which subsequently changed to APEI. At present, the number of APEI members is 117 Securities Companies.

Rights and Obligations of APEI Members

  1. Each Member of the Association has the same rights and obligations
  2. Association members have the following rights:
    1. Voting rights and speech rights, if the Association Member has paid all of its obligations as referred to in paragraph 3 letter a of this Article
    2. The right to vote and the right to be elected as the General Chairperson's Committee or other Management Members, if the Association Member has paid all of its obligations as referred to in paragraph 3 letter a of this Article
    3. The right to elect a Supervisor and Honorary Council
    4. The right to submit an opinion or suggestion, whether oral or written
    5. The right to obtain information about the Union's activities
    6. The right to attend meetings and other activities held by the Society
    7. The right to obtain services, consultation and mediation from the Association
  3. Each Member of the Union is obliged to:
    1. Pay membership fees, membership fees and other obligations as determined by the Management Meeting
    2. Subject to and comply with the Articles of Association, Bylaws, the Association's Code of Ethics and other Regulations established by the Association as well as any General Meeting Decisions of Association Members
    3. Upholding and maintaining the good name of the Society
    4. Pro-actively support the implementation of the Society's program in order to advance the Capital Market industry
  4. Member rights as referred to in Article 11 paragraph 2 do not apply if:
    1. Members receive sanctions from the Stock Exchange in the form of suspension of Securities Exchange Membership and / or sanctions from the Financial Services Authority in the form of suspension of business licenses. Member rights will be restored if the suspension and / or suspension is revoked
    2. Members are subject to sanctions for violations of the Code of Ethics. The Association of Member Rights will be reinstated if the sanctions for violating the Code of Ethics are revoked


This association aims at the ideal and social sector to build a sound and resilient Securities industry in the context of developing the Indonesian Capital Market

Scope of Activities

  1. Supporting the development of the Indonesian Capital Market into an International Capital Market, fair (fair), transparent (open), liquid (current) and efficient
  2. Increase understanding of the Capital Market to all levels of society in Indonesia
  3. Conduct research and studies on matters relating to the Capital Market, as an opinion and input for third parties, including the Capital Market authorities
  4. Increase the role of national investors
  5. Supporting the development and business growth of Securities Companies
  6. Improve communication and cooperation between Securities Companies and other related institutions in the Indonesian Capital Market
  7. Build partnerships with Government agencies and other related parties in the context of developing the Capital Market
  8. Organizing coaching, education, training activities and increasing the professionalism of Association Members
  9. Improve the creation of fair, transparent securities industry practices
  10. Increase the credibility, integrity and discipline of the Members of the Union
  11. Carrying out other activities that are necessary and beneficial to the Union and Association Members
  12. Carrying out activities related to the function of the Association as an SRO or an Independent Regulatory Organization, namely an institution that is authorized by law to regulate its members through its own regulations.